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Special Ball Valve for Multiphase Media
Special Ball Valve for Multiphase Media

1. The valve adopts the upper loading structure, reducing the number of connecting bolts of the valve body under high-pressure and large-diameter conditions, enhancing the reliability of the valve, and overcoming the influence of the dead weight of the system on normal operation of the valve.

2. Special design: the elastic elements of the valve seat are combined by several groups of butterfly springs, and the special dustproof structure of the valve stem and valve seat can effectively prevent particulate media from entering the spring cavity to cause jamming of the valve switch.

3. Ball surface solid removal technology: the unique valve seat structure has the function of removing solid particles attached to the ball surface, preventing them from entering the sealing surface of the valve seat and ball body, and prolonging the service life of the valve.

4. Special sealing technology: the valve seat and valve stem filler adopt the unique compensation structure design, the intermediate flange seal adopts the mortise design, thus preventing the leakage of the gaseous medium.

Nominal diameter: DN25mmDN500mmNPS120);

Nominal pressure: PN1.6MPa42MPaANSI CLASS1502500);

Operating temperature: -29℃-450℃.

The valve is widely applied in such industries as coal chemical, petroleum and chemical.

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